Notes from Online Classroom discussions

Racing Rules of Sailing
World Sailing Case Book
US Sailing Appeals Book
World Sailing Team Race Call Book

May 22nd: Senior memories slideshow
May 21st: Sailing Storytime- Wayfarer to Norway
May 20th: More ICSA Team Race Nationals footage
May 19th: Green Fleet Three Keys to Boatspeed (recording)
May 19th: Race Footage- Miami 2020 Men's 470 (video)
May 18th: Rule 17 Analysis (recording)

May 15th: Different Kinds of Sailing (v i d e o s !)
May 14th: More SCC practice footage
May 13th: More ICSA Team Race Nationals footage (recording)
May 12th: Green Fleet Starting Sequence (recording)
May 12th: Rule 19 & 20 Analysis (recording)
May 11th: Race Footage- Genoa 2019 Laser Radials (video)

May 8th: SCC practice footage
May 7th: Sailing Storytime- Sailing Around Cape Horn
May 6th: ICSA Team Race National Championship footage (video)
May 5th: Green Fleet Laylines (recording)
May 5th: Rule 18 Analysis Part II (recording)
May 4th: Rule 18 Analysis Part I (recording)

May 1st: Managing Pressure (video)
April 30th: Managing Anxiety (video)
April 29th: Vintage Team Racing (recording)
April 28th: Green Fleet Challenging Your Comfort Zone (recording)
April 28th: Effective Goal-Setting (recording)
April 27th: The Essential Competitor (recording)

April 24th: Sun Protection (recording)
April 23rd: Your Sailing Gear (recording)
April 22nd: More Team Race Call Book Scenarios (recording)
April 21st: Green Fleet Moving Around the Boat (recording)
April 21st: Nutrition
April 20th: Physical Fitness

April 17th: Practice Footage Commentary Part II (recording)
April 16th: Practice Footage Commentary Part I (recording)
April 15th: Team Race Call Book Scenarios (recording)
April 15th: Slowspeed Maneuvering (recording)
April 14th: Green Fleet Luffing Skills (recording)
April 14th: The Boat Whisperer: Downwind Handling
April 13th: The Boat Whisperer: Upwind Handling

April 10th: Gary Jobson selection: The America's Cup
April 9th: Shaping Your Sails (recording)
April 8th: The Slot Effect (recording)
April 7th: Green Fleet Sail Control Primer (recording)
April 7th: Lift: The Real Story (recording)
April 6th: How Your Sails are Made (recording)

April 3rd: Looking Ahead in Tactical Decisions (recording)
April 2nd: The Boat Whisperer: Tactical Scenarios
April 1st: The Team Race Call Book (recording)
March 31st: Green Fleet Pyramid of Greatness (recording)
March 31st: Starting Strategies (recording)
March 30th: Smart Sailing Upwind (recording)

March 27th: Proper Protest Preparation (recording)
March 26th: Two Types of Wind (recording)
March 25th: Gary Jobson's Championship Sailing Tips (recording)
March 24th: Dave Perry selection: Crewing for Paul Elvstrom
March 23rd: Rule 44- Taking Penalties

March 20th: Ease Hike (Go Straight) Trim
March 19th: The College Sailing Experience
March 18th: Forces and Balance